Monthly Archives: January 2015

Recovering from hacking.

Apologies while the blog is down. Unfortunately someone exploited a vulnerability in wordpress earlier in the week, deleting all the posts, redirecting all the index files and leaving no real choice but to start fresh. Poor backups and a hopeless host haven’t helped.

I’ll copy and paste what I can back within a few days, sorry for the inconvenience. Please visit again later in the week !

Welcome to Sous Vide Cooking

Welcome to my new project, a blog where I can report and share all my sous vide discoveries, useful information and ideas. I’ve spent the last few years reading about it and more recently trying to master it, and I’ve discovered a lot of things along the way.

There’s a LOT of information online about sous vide, and while most of it is technically correct I find there are huge gaps in the information, many unanswered questions and few resources for people seeking further information. As a chef I can see incredible potential in the method but I’ve also seen fellow chefs create dishes that would have been better cooked traditionally.

Through this blog I hope to spread the good information I find, offer some opinions, test some new things and post them up, but especially encourage some discussion on the topic to hopefully further everyone’s knowledge and make this method of cooking more successful for everyone !