Affordable Sous Vide: Nomiku

By | February 3, 2015

For those of us wising to sous vide at home, the prohibitive cost of equipment often makes it difficult to achieve professional results. There are dozens of options for hacked, DIY or other unreliable ways to cook sous vide, but none will ever be as easy as using a well designed circulator. There have also been many companies offering cheap solutions for home users, usually involving a PID controller to be used in conjunction with a rice cooker or slower cooker.

Nomiku Sous Vide Circulator

Vimeo Video of the Nomiku Introduction

Nomiku hopes to change all that by offering a simple to use, cheap home circulator. I first saw Nomiku pop up on Kickstarter some months ago, and it quickly reached it’s backing goal, promising an affordable circulator for home use. The fact it was backed so quickly on Kickstarter shows the interest people have in sous vide at home, and obviously with the Nomiku becoming available in December 2012 there’s a new wave of home cooks who will be able to use it.

Nomiku’s Kick Starter Page shows their plans for the device, a compact, affordable, easy to use sous vide circulator. The creators are the same people that offered DIY printed PCB plans and kits for sous vide on the internet a few years ago, and are still available at Lower East Kitchen. They also have a sous vide recipe site, so it’s obvious they’re big fans of the technology and will be available in the future.

Current information, release dates, and a few FAQ’s are available at, but I can sum up the important facts about the machine fairly quickly:

  • 0.2°C Accuracy, 0.1°C Stability,
  • 5 Gallon (19 Litres) Capacity,
  • 750Watt Heating element,
  • Circulation Pump 10Litres/Minute,
  • 110 or 240v version available,
  • Can be set in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Considering how cheap it is, it’s compact design and being backed by a passionate team of developers, I’m very excited about this machine and I am certain I’ll have one arriving sometime towards the end of the year !

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