Grant SV200 Commercial Circulator Review

By | February 3, 2015

It’s been almost a year now since I started using the Grant SV200 Circulator and it’s been a reliable performer for probably thousands of hours already, getting used on a daily basis for the preparation of a wide variety of menu items. While the kitchen isn’t big enough to allow it’s use during service it’s certainly made our prep time more efficient.

This particular model cost a touch under  $1500 including shipping from Ecotel in South Australia. That worked out cheaper than any other major brand circulator, and was very cheap considering most circulators can’t even be imported direct for that price.

Grant’s official website has the full run down of specifications and benefits of use: but here’s the product information you need to know about most:

  • ± 0.5°C Accuracy,
  • Temperature Range Ambient + 5ºC – 99.9ºC
  • 50 Litres Capacity,
  • Stainless steel contruction,
  • Programmable with three pre-set temperatures
  • 1.3kW Heating element,
  • Available in 120 or 240 volt Power,
  • One year Guarantee.

Here’s our device, heating up to 65°C, you can see the orange “heating” indicator light on the top left of the unit.


Grant seems to be more popular for it’s unstirred water baths, we opted for a circulator simply because we believe they provide more even heating and are more adaptable, being able to use a variety of containers depending on the size of the job and space available.

Although I’ve only used a few circulators in a professional environment, small details in design and performance make you appreciate the quality and finish of such a machine, and for me, this includes:

  • Wide and secure screw fitting for use on a variety of pots or containers
  • Unpluggable cord for easier cleaning and storage
  • Simple interface  with clear display
  • Ease of use – a simple dial and two buttons
  • Sturdy construction
  • Removable cage and fitting for easy cleaning

It might seem simple but people often overlook these things and anyone who’s worked in a commercial kitchen understands that any equipment needs to be simple to use, as many people might need to use the machine and it’s difficult to train new staff consistently.

So in my opinion the Grant SV200 is everything a chef needs in a compact circulator, with all the required features while maintaining ease of use. I’ve never found an issue to complain of, and if I was to purchase another circulator I would almost certainly buy another.

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